Car Door Opening

Call Pop-A-Lock of Lexington at (859) 253-6736, in Louisville (502) 895-6736 and in Southern Indiana (812) 288-7576 for a professional locksmith to open a locked car door. We never use subcontractors.

The day of the coat hanger or jimmy has passed! Don’t damage your vehicle. You need a trained expert who knows all methods to safely open a car door. We’ll get you back on your way, fast.

Today’s car doors contain electrical wires for power locks, side impact air bags and speaker systems. Pop-A-Lock has the experience to know how to open your vehicle. We’re so confident, Pop-A-Lock offers a 60-day guarantee your locks will work well after service.

Pop-A-Lock’s mobile locksmiths provide all services listed here. Call Pop-A-Lock of Lexington at (859) 253-6736, in Louisville (502) 895-6736 and in Southern Indiana (812) 288-7576.


PALSavesKids™ FREE Program Rescues Children

free child door unlocking

We proudly participate in Pop-A-Lock’s PALSavesKids, a free community service dedicated to saving lives. In the event a child is locked into a vehicle, call Pop-A-Lock. Our locksmith will unlock your car door free of charge. Pop-A-Lock has helped thousands of local Kentucky kids through the PALSavesKids program.

PALSavesKids is a free community service program that was originally launched in 1991 under its former name, Emergency Door Unlocking. Since 1991, Pop-A-Lock associates have saved over 350,000 children nationwide for free. The program now includes a new call-to-action: PALSaves 1-2-3; 1-stop, 2-look, 3-lock, which is accompanied by a new mascot, the PALS Puppy. The new mascot is a gentle reminder to parents to look before you lock your vehicle!

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