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Drivers today access their cars and start the ignition in a variety of ways. Traditional car keys are still common, but many late-model vehicles use keyfobs for keyless entry, and even feature keyless ignition. You do not need to call the local dealership if your key fob is damaged or unresponsive. Pop-A-Lock can provide and program key fobs on most vehicles, even if your car does not use a traditional key.

Originally, keyless entry referred to a lock controlled by a keypad on the driver’s side door. Keypads are still found on some Ford and Lincoln models. However, keyless entry most often refers to a lock with an electronic remote control that activates within a close distance to a vehicle. The functions of a remote keyless entry system are contained on a key fob or built into the ignition key handle itself.

Contact us and a Pop-A-Lock locksmith will ask whether you need a new key and/or a key fob for keyless entry. We then ask whether the key fob also starts the ignition.

Pop-A-Lock does not install keyless entries on any vehicles. We do make replacement keys and key fobs, and we also program keyless entry fobs.

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Keyless entry and smart keys

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