Hot Car Fatalities Affect Children and Pets Year-Round

Fifty-two children died after being left in hot cars in 2019. That marks the second year in a row with over 50 pediatric vehicular heatstroke deaths in the US, according to

Parents need to remain vigilant about the continuous danger of children and pets dying in hot cars. And it’s not just a concern in the summer months. Consumer Reports testing showed that even when it was 61° F outside, the temperature inside a closed car reached more than 105° F in just 1 hour, an extremely dangerous and potentially fatal level for a child.

Consumer Reports also notes that 2020 has an additional set of challenges. More parents will be working from home, and many kids will be home-bound too. This increases the chances of children sneaking into cars unnoticed, or other predicaments created by our disrupted routines. For example, parents may be tempted to leave their kids in the car when running errands. Even with the window cracked or the vehicle parked in the shade, the interior temperatures within the car can reach dangerous levels in a short period of time. It is never safe to leave a child unattended in a vehicle.

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Free Car Door Unlocking When Child Locked Inside

Pop-A-Lock, founded in 1991 by law enforcement officers, developed a program that rescues children in locked vehicles. Since the program began, thousands of children have been rescued from across the U.S. at no charge to families or caregivers. The PAL Saves Kids program focuses on prevention and education — not blame. Pop-A-Lock of Kentucky has saved many children’s lives by participating in this program!

Here are some tips to help prevent children from being locked in a vehicle:

  • Keep your child’s favorite toy, blanket, or diaper bag in the front seat.
  • Place your purse or briefcase in the backseat causing you to go to the back to retrieve them.
  • Stay off the phone! Keep your focus on driving.
  • If someone other than yourself is bringing the child to your caregiver, call them at a designated time to ensure delivery.
  • If you see a child locked in a vehicle unattended, get involved. Call 9-1-1 immediately!

We can all work together to share this valuable information. For more details on how to keep your little ones safe, go to

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